Saturday October 27th:

I currently have work in the exhibition “Delineate” at the Alberta Craft Council Gallery in Edmonton, along with the amazing Liz Burritt.  We got a chance to work on some collaborative pieces which can be viewed on my EAT WITH ME page.

Exhibition :  October 27-December 1, 2012
Opening: Saturday, November 17 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. 



Saturday April 17th:

Do you live in Toronto!?  I currently have work in the exhibition “Jubilee: The View from Here” at the Harbourfront Centre

Exhibition :  April 21-July 15, 2012
Opening: Friday, April 20 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Saturday March 31st:

The past week I was in Seattle for NCECA (National Council on the Education of the Ceramic Arts), a conference attended this year by nearly 6000 fellow artists!  The week included; Keynote speaker Mark Dion, an artist from New York and co-director of Mildred’s Land, an innovative visual art education and residency program in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, 24 lectures, 8 panel discussions, tons of exhibits all throughout Seattle, and a heck of a lot of rain & moisture in the air!.  It was a week of promoting and generating energy, innovation and inspiration.


Tuesday March 27th:

Recently, I’ve been working on some new ideas with the ceramic digital printer that Medalta has.  Can’t wait till I have some finished pieces to show you!


Wednesday March 21st


Thursday February 2nd:

I can hardly contain it, I have new inspiration and motivation to dig deep into the studio after a very nice winter break. AKA: Medalta just received a new digital ceramic printer! Lots of new technical aspects to work through but soon you can look forward to new and exciting things happening with MIKIND.


Monday January 23rd: 

MIKIND plates in action.


Tuesday December 13th: 

We had a great weekend in Vancouver for Shiny Fuzzy Muddy! It was great to meet all of you that stopped by, we’ll be sure to see you again next year! 


Check out


WLWL: Magazine Issue 2


Saturday November 26: NEW!

New Drop Style earrings available just in time for Christmas.  Available in sterling silver and gold.

Thursday June 2nd: In/Out & In/Out

One decal  firing unloaded today (1360 degrees F), and a glaze firing loaded (2300 degrees F).   One of many times in the studio where expectation vs. reality, glee vs. ummmmm, all get together for one big party.    Check out my new batch of plates under the EAT WITH ME page.


Thursday May 26th: IXL Brick Plant Tour

Visited the IXL plant today. Wowza.

Running for over a century, the plant was shut down last June after a massive flood.  Water lines over 5′ were visible everywhere.  It was overwhelming to wander through, thinking of all the employees that lost their jobs but a great opportunity for this process of making to be preserved and a part of recorded history.  Plus, the pigeons have a new home.


Friday May 20th: Its decal time in the studio today!

It’s been energetic here in the studio this month while Bruce Cochrane and his gang of 5 have been filling the ware carts.  I have been busy getting the studio equipped for the summer busyness but finally got that last push to get back in the studio and work on my own work.

Sigh, the pleasures of having your studio at your work place.  It’s so nice to be able to pop up to do my own studio work when I have a few free minutes.  Problem is it works the other way too, so hard to get up there when distractions of the job live in the same building.  Still, I wouldn’t change a thing. Love the job, the studio, the city, the friends and the family. Just have to figure out how to balance it all.